Planet Giegling in Tokyo


Planet Gieglingへ…

“Planet Giegling”はGiegling Universeの隠された場所を探索する。自分達のルーツ、そして未来へ。初心に戻り、忘れていた事を改めて見直す。あらゆる苦しみや壁を共に乗り越え、歩んで到達する夢、 “Gesamtkunstwerk”(総合芸術)に一歩近付いていく。

Taking off to Planet Giegling …

Once upon a time there was a place far away from everything, where we could be together and create. And this creation would end in endless nights of colours and sounds. From these nights we grew Giegling. Before Giegling was a label it was a group of friends trying to catch this special atmosphere through all kinds of methods: film and photography, painting, walking, installing, performing and in the end partying. For us it was always the most valuable aspect to come together and to bring all those different unfinished bits and pieces of everybody together and then all of a sudden it would all make sense and manifest itself in the deepest and most meaningful way, which was often quite surprising.
Since then giegling transformed quite a bit and became many things by traveling through all those minds and hearts. And on that journey one can easily lose oneself in all these reflections and institutions. But for us giegling will always be us. with all the things we love to do. For us, Giegling is an approach that you can adapt for everything. It is a way of feeling and thinking. A way of creating and producing. A way of living. A way of sharing. A recipe to become one.
Planet Giegling will explore all the hidden spots of the Giegling Universe. It will be a journey back to our roots and into our future. It is a holistic approach that will allow us to try out a lot of new things and also bring back stuff we almost forgot on the way. It is one step closer to a "gesamtkunstwerk”. A dream of operating on all levels together and in self awareness overcoming all burden and boundaries.