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Tokyo Techno Society

【 東京発 “ 世界基準 "の新たなプロジェクトが、シーンを牽引するDJ達によってスタート! 】

DJ Nobuを筆頭に世界を舞台に活躍するDJたちが、国内のクオリティを示すべく動き出した。
Nobuと並びFuture TerrorのDJであるHaruka。
プロデューサーとしても飛躍的成長を見せているWata IgarashiとIori。
世界から大きく注目を浴びる5人が発信する”Tokyo Techno Society”。


[ A new project started by the leaders of the Tokyo scene, is launching and making way to become a world standard! ]

Tokyo local DJs - like the renowned DJ Nobu - who have been active in the global scene are linking up to bring about a new paradigm in Japanese quality. Joining forces with DJ Nobu is Future Terror DJ, Haruka, as well as acclaimed producers Wata Igarashi and Iori, and last but not least, the legendary DJ So of the longstanding Labyrinth festival. These five illustrious members who have received much attention the world over have come together to develop the “Tokyo Techno Society”.

Tokyo has been dependent on importing solid Techno to its seen up to now, but that will soon change.