クロストーキョー Vol.5 [dj masda]


約半年振りの開催となるVol.5は、「Cabaret Recordings」主宰、Berlinを拠点に世界的に活躍するdj masdaが出演した。

The streaming program “CROSS TOKYO” which crosses various cultures presented by Japan’s largest dance music portal site clubberia and WOMB.

Vol.5 which will be held for the first time in half a year featuring dj masda, who is based in Berlin and is an owner of Cabaret Recordings. He will perform his vinyl-only DJ set for over an hour and a half. We want you to enjoy the ultimate DJ set that smoothly weaves everything from techno to electro to breakbeats. Also, we will discuss about Cabaret Recordings and the party scene in Europe during the pandemic in a short interview after the DJ set. Don’t miss the streaming as he continues to be at the forefront of the scene.