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DJ AFFECTA is the showiest girl DJ in Russia. One of the first female DJ's, who combines playing and organizing topless extravagant shows.
She started her career in 2004 and she moved to Saint-Petersburg at the begging of 2006, becoming the resident of the most scandalous "Platinum" show in Switzerland and also residencies at Sheraton Palace Hanoi & Suit Club Morocco. DJ Affecta is a DJ, music producer and topless performer combining a bright appearance, unrestrained sexuality, good sense of audience and wonderful technique of dubbing-so this is DJ Affecta! Affecta's performances are always extraordinary; they are accompanied by magnificent dances in very splendid costumes. Her characters are smoothly combined with her music that surely rouses the ecstasy of the audience creating and keeping unique atmosphere of any club. Her popularity as a DJ & Performer is growing worldwide and her arrival to any town evoke 100% interest of the press and public.?