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Simon Garcia

今や伝説Simon & Shakerとして2010年まで活動し、スペインのメインラベルから数多くの世界的ヒット作を生み出す。ハウス大国スペインのBest House Producerにも選ばれたイベリア半島ハウスシーン最重要DJの1人。過去Valysにおいて最多の6度出演、そして2009年”渚”のメインステージでもアッパーなプログレッシブハウスでフロアを魅了した。2010年からソロ活動をスタートしLarakkiの名義で既に数多くのリミックス(DJ Yellow, Matthias Vogt, Wagon Cookin', Lee Burridge, Tomoki Tamura)やオリジナルトラックをSupplement Facts, Dieb Audio, OM Records, Ce'cille, NRK, Compositeなどの良質なレーベルからリリースしている。それら作品はJohn DigweedやLaurent Garnier、Jimpster, Seth Troxler, Deetron等トップミュージシャンからも非常に高い評価を受けている。自身の新レーベルであるSoylent Green LabではAlain Ho, Justin Drake, Phonogenic, Daniel Kyo, Stel, Varoslav等、今熱いビートメイカー等のリリースが予定されており今後の活動には全く目が離せない。


Born in late '70s, Simon grew up listening legendary bands such as Depeche Mode, New Order or Kraftwerk, but also enjoying genres like Blaxploited Funk, Latin-Rock, Rare Disco, '90s House or Acid-Jazz, among many other things. A musical baggage that later would found an artistic point in common on himself.

Nowadays, Simon has seen his works released on labels such as Supplement Facts, Dieb Audio, OM Records, Ce'cille, NRK (coming soon) or Composite among other high-profile labels, either with his real name or his soul-fueled project Larakki, releasing original tracks or remixing for the likes of DJ Yellow, Matthias Vogt (Motorcitysoul), Wagon Cookin', Lee Burridge, Tomoki Tamura and others. His genuine, timeless, personal and futuristic sound is already getting constant support, plays and charts for the likes of Laurent Garnier, Jimpster, Guy J, Dyed Soundorom, Seth Troxler, Guy Gerber, Phonique, Martin Landsky, Oxia, Radio Slave, Deetron, Steve Bug, Motorcitysoul, Nacho Marco, John Digweed, Slam, Gel Abril, Okain, Michel de Hey, and other authentic worldwide tastemakers. A unique vibe that can be completely felt in his dj sets, which you can also follow on his show 'The Green Lab', aired monthly on Proton Radio.

Keep an eye on his brand new label Soylent Green Lab, which he will launch soon on a vinyl basis, featuring the likes of Alain Ho aka DJ Yellow (Composite, Ovum), Justin Drake (Peace Division, Tsuba), Phonogenic (2020 Vision), Stel (Dieb Audio, NRK), Varoslav (Supplement Facts), Daniel Kyo (Plastic City, Night Drive), Kasper (Bassculture, Safari Electronique), Loogin aka Patch Park (Be As One, Variance), Jesus Gonsev (Troubled Kids, ProgCityDeep) and other established artists as well as up-and-coming exciting new talents.