1999年、ドアーズ、レジデンツ、エイフェックス・ツインなどから受けた影響の元、即興的エッセンスを取り入れたスタイルで活動を開始。その後脈々と無意識下で錬られていた破天荒なメロディーセンス、非言語によるヴォーカルスタイルがダンスホールレゲエとの出会いにより打ち込みのトラックの上に"歌"をのせるスタイルへ変化した。2003年に正式な1stアルバムとなる『Yori Yoyo』、2007年には2ndアルバム『Drifting my Folklore』、2011年1月には3rdアルバム『Cosmic Coco, Singing for a Billion Imu’s Hearty Pi』をリリース。

その活動の幅はトクマル・シューゴ、I am robot and proudなど他ミュージシャンへのリミックス提供から舞台や演劇への楽曲提供、ダンサー康本雅子とのコラボレーションなど幅広い。また、全30公演を超えるアメリカ/ヨーロッパツアーやシドニービエンナーレでの出演など、海外での活動も活発に行っている。



Born in Nara, Japan, Oorutaichi began recording and performing in 1999, inspired by The Residents, The Doors, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Aphex Twin and dancehall reggae. Initial recordings were multi-tracked improvisations using "real" instruments, toys and voice, evolving to composed songs using midi triggered instrumentation. 

His first album, "Yori Yoyo", was released in 2003 to acclaim by Yamatsuka EYE (BOREDOMS), FREEFORM, Juana Morina, Daniel Wang and others, and received airplay on BBC Radio. He has been profiled in a number of Japanese magazines, and is active in the Japanese underground music scene.

In 2005 the U.K. label "Bearfunk" released his EP "Misen Gymnastics", featuring an Idjut Boys remix, which was given to Shugo Tokumaru to use on his EP "Rum Hee" featuring Deerhoof in 2009. In 2007 he released his second album “Drifting my folklore”, a compilation of songs from his first album and other unreleased songs. August 2010 saw the release of his first single in three years, “Futurelina / Moeru Himitsu featuring Kicell.” Both tracks received international airplay including BBC Radio. Third album “Cosmic Coco, Singing for a Billion Imu’s Hearty Pi” is scheduled for release in January 2011.

In 2007 he toured the U.K. and in 2009 completed a tour of the U.S. and Europe, which included the U.K, France and Switzerland. Some of his personal accomplishments during the 2009 U.S tour were performing the first set for Juana Molina as well as performing at the SXSW in Texas. In May 2010 he appeared on stage at the Biennale of Sydney. 

Recently he has been venturing outside the conventional music scene as well, taking part in a theatre production as actor and songwriter as well as collaborating with Masako Yasumoto, a leading young contemporary dancer in Japan.