Space Of Bass



Back To Chillをはじめとする東京ベースミュージックシーンで頭角を現すKNKと多国籍無秩序音楽集団 画家のディジュリドゥ奏者nemoによるDJユニット。異なるバックグラウンドを持つ2人の作り出す世界観は、混沌としつつ独自のグルーブを生みだす。B2BのDJセットでcommunication!やBLAFMA等の都内パーティーで活躍するほか、Dubstepを中心とする楽曲の制作も行っている。


Space of Bass is a DJ/Producer unit formed by KNK & nemo. KNK is a DJ who began his career in a party called "Communication!"@Hachi, Aoyama. Nemo is didgeridoo player in the band called "Gaka", which means "Artist" in Japanese.With their different kinds of backgrounds, Space of Bass creats a unique kind of groove of bass music. They play B2B DJs in parties such as "Back To Chil", the Japanese legendary dubstep party lead by Goth Trad, They show up to many parties around TOKYO, and also produce original dubstep beats.