1977年2月26日 茨城県十王生まれ。183cm.70kg.


10歳のとき父のTechicsステレオレコードプレーヤーと兄のOrville SGギターに魅せられテープ録音を始める。

中学で「Wet Sun」を結成。ギターボーカルとしてNeil Young,SexPistols,David Bowie,などをカバー。地元のライブハウスや1000人を超す観衆が集まる文化祭ステージで演奏しアンコールを受ける。


帰国後、当時の渋谷にオープンしたばかりのclub asiaのサウンドエンジニア兼DJとして活動をする中あらゆる音楽性を吸収し網羅していくムーブメント「SL9」を演出。これが後に同、新世代のダンスミュージックラバーズに多大な影響を与える事になる。



現在主催するパーティは野外では「paradise unknown」屋内では「commercial」


by text: Miki Arai


Born in 26th February 1977, Jyuo Japan.

Endowed with the musical method of expressing the attractive view of nature wherehe spent most of time in his childhood.

It was the group “YMO” that got him into electro music in early 80’s and he startedhis own musical career as a DJ in San Francisco in 1995. Ever since then, hismusical journey took place from city to city around the globe. Back to Japan in 1997and started to organize self performing gigs such as “SL9” & “Underdog” along withJapan’s most superb artists like DJ, who belongs to various field of music from hiphop, rock, techno and abstract music.It is Electronica.

First cut of his original music was the remix work for series of “Isolated AudioPlayers 2” released from one of most anticipated Japanese label Picking Mushroomin 2002. Since then he has been contributed and composed several music in and outfor underground scene, and soon grabbed people’s attention as “Shapeless”contemporary music. Released his ambient album” hello, I love you” in 2005 , thatis beautifully sculpted and lots of unrestrained piece of mind involve. ”Unorthodox”is one of giving alias and or perhaps best way to describe SINSEN. Human desire isLimited but not restricted to choose a way to express one’s passion in many ways.

Anything he touches turns gold. It’s just a matter of slight chance to encounter inperpetuation of time being. Currently he is on new project under the name of“Shapeless” and soon to be drop titled “Japanese Idol” in year 2007. "Sea in theMirror "2009 "Layman" 2009

by text: Natuki Rai



:IsolatedAudioPlayers:Submarin (MusicMine/2001)

:ClubAsia Vo1: Fractalspace (coa Rec/2002)

:PinkExpress EP: pinkexpress (tonerecords/2003)

:Awake: help yourself (pikingmushroom/2003)

:POLICE: Where you at ? (WCrecords/2004)

:MetaricBeach: Golden (WCrecords/2004)

:It will do the story of music: MixCD (NEM/2004)

:Hello,ILoveYou: (WCrecords/2005)

:Japanese Idoll: (ShapeLessMusic:2007)

:Sea in the Mirror (ShapeLessMusic:2009)

:Layman (SapaLessMusic:2009)