Gary BeMore

from Paris/Bali

Gary BeMore is a young DJ and producer from Paris, France living in Bali, Indonesia. Since the age of 6 years old, Gary has always been very musically oriented. He has emerged in the electronic dance music world over the course of the year, where he has spent most of the year in the studio producing different styles of house music.
Gary’s influences include big producers such as Steve Angello, Afrojack, and DJ Gregory; his music is a mix of electro and progressive house sounds. Gary remains most inspires by traditional Balinese sounds. In comparison to many progressive, and electro house producers  in his music Gary utilizes a lot of traditional world music recordings and sounds that help make his music unique from others.
Current Travels:
Over the last few months, Gary BeMore has been gaining more acclaim from his travels. In early June, he performed at the GRAMS Opening Party in Bali  Glow In The Dark 2. Throughout the summer he flew to Paris, where he had the privilege to perform in a few gigs. Through the month of July, Gary appeared in a few other shows around the United States, in both Pennsylvania and New York City.
Gary BeMore has been busy in the studio preparing his first EP, which will be released in October by a Japanese label from Tokyo entitled “Totem Traxx”.
ゲイリーはTOTEM TRAXX主催のDO SHOCK BOOZEとも親交が深く、東南アジアと日本との橋渡し的なビジネスラインを構築。また、スティーブアンジェロ、Afrojack、そしてDJグレゴリーなどのビックネームからの影響が強く、同時に伝統的なバリ音楽にインスピレーションも強く受けている。プログレッシブ、エレクトロハウスプロデューサーとして、伝統的な世界の音楽からのサンプリング、フィールドレコーディングも得意とする。
ここ数ヶ月で、ゲイリーは自身の旅を続けていく中で、多くの称賛を集めた。6月初旬に、バリで開催されたパーティーGRAMSなどに多数出演。7月の月間を通じてペンシルベニア州とニューヨーク市の両方、全米のいくつかのパーティーに出演、GRAMS RECORDSを立ち上げる。
ゲイリーは2011年10月、デビューEP “Flex”を日本、東京のレーベル”TOTEM TRAXX”からリリースするために最終的なプロダクションに忙しい日々を送っている。