sp+ / pets recordings

A as in Alex Kassian, B as in Bearight, and C as in C U on the dacncefloor! It works well for Bearight as long as the music is good.

When describing the Bearight sound, they references mostly shades of chicago blues, soul, and 90's hip hop, whilst unashamedly taking influences from pop and ballad culture. You can always expect a non-linear dj set with ups and downs and hidden gems.

Meanwhile in the studio, he has been working hard since productions began back two summers ago. 2011 saw a release from Boe recordings' newly born sister label, Boe Digits, which received support from the likes of Rozzo, Brawther, Manik, and Mike Huckaby, when an honourably happy moment followed after one of his tracks 'Miss You' was signed on Catz' n' Dogz' home label, Pets Recordings. With the track receiving massive support from producers alike, he has managed to show the extent of his musical spectrum, whilst simultaneously prove new artists such as himself also have a place on the map.

2012 will see more vibes from this dj and producer, and hopefully see hard work put towards a live performance. While you sometimes find him playing solo, you can also hear him play with his sidekick in crime, Lookleft. Together they are Lookleft & Bearight!