Culoe De Song

Soulistic Music / Innervisions / Durban

Culoe De Song は、これまでのRed Bull Music Academyに最年少で参加した一人。同じくRBMA卒業生のBlack Coffeeとリンクして以来、彼が直感的に持ち合わせている南アフリカ特有のリズムとソウルを持ってして、踊る者をスピリチュアルな恍惚感へと導いてき た。ディープハウスやアフロビートから多分に影響を受けたスタイルで、<Innervisions>や<Mule Musiq>などからリリースを重ねてきた。


Culoe De Song might be one of the youngest people to have attended the Academy, but with an intuitive grasp of rhythm and soul that you only find in South Africa, Culoe has been leading dancers into a spiritual trance after linking with previous Academy participant Black Coffee. Drawing inspiration from deep house and afrobeat alike, Culoe has recently delved into production, started dropping jaws with his take on house music and secured a record deal with Ame and Dixon's Innervisons! That's house!