2007年、VOLVOX RECORDS(のコンピレーションアルバム、「A Prevalent Oscillation Base」に1曲参加。
2009年「gaterecords(」傘下の「taion」レーベルや、「under tone(」レーベルから配信のみで楽曲リリースし、
2011年4月念願のフルアルバム「Hydration」を「Ihatov Remains(」レーベルよりリリース。
北海道を拠点に数々のライブをこなし、2011年7月にはFour Tet、9月にGOLD PANDAが来札時に共演をはたす。



2003 started making music while the music data exchange. The unit called "personals (Masami Takahashi, Takashi Omomo)"
Then, start the name " jealousguy " as a solo artist Masami Takahashi.
Make music on a laptop mainly collage piano, synth, sampling records.
2007 participation song for compilation album, "A Prevalent Oscillation Base" of VOLVOX RECORDS.
2009 music released from delivery only, "under tone" and  "taion" under the label of "gaterecords"
April 2011 Released the full-length album "Hydration" from "Ihatov Remains".label
Based in Hokkaido, play with GOLD PANDA in July  and Four Tet in September.
Live performance using MPD18, PC, a sample.
That boosts the floor in the representation that emphasizes a sense of live, real-time.