スロベニア生まれ、ロンドンをベースに活動するプロデューサー、DJ、ボーカリスト、Nightwave(ナイトウェイブ)ことMaya Medvesek。
彼女は、8Bitchという名義で音楽キャリアをスタートし、Svetlana Industries、Seed records、Fortified Audioなどのレーベルからリリースを重ね、
昨年音楽メディアに絶賛されたラスティーのアルバム「Glass Swords」にもゲスト参加するなど、注目すべきアーティストの1人である。


Slovenia born and raised Maya Medvesek, known by the artist name of Nightwave is a London based Producer, DJ & Vocalist.
In addition to her experiences as an alternative medicine practitioner, body double for Penelope Cruz, motion capture actor in the ʻDJ Heroʼ video game franchise, journalist, and Slovenian Judo champion, Nightwave somehow finds time to put out records.

2011 saw Maya drop the former artist name of 8Bitch which kick started her musical career and is now currently working under the more radio & pr friendly title of, Nightwave.
Music is quite literally in Mayaʼs blood as her Father, a successful recording artist and musician in his own right with a sideline in running Nightclubs and a strip joint, can be accountable for Mayaʼs penchant for a dark room and a repetitive beat.
Maya was classically trained from just five years old but didn’t start producing electronic music until she was 14 when her Father gave her some of his music gear cast off’s. Many a night has been spent sneaking out to clubs and completing homework in toilet cubicles and her nocturnal persona can be heard evidently throughout her production.

Her releases on Svetlana Industries & Seed records, as well as Ministry of Sound’s ‘Adventures in Dubstep & Beyond’ & the Cassie Tribute album ‘Skydiver’ out on Local Action Records either as Nightwave or her retired moniker 8bitch, have garnered her international acclaim for a forward-thinking combination of Chicago juke, UK bass, grime & 80s funk.

Maya fuses years of producing experience with a keen ear and a sound respect for an array of styles & has established herself as a truly innovative and exciting producer with a clear vision for pushing boundaries & not conforming to stereotypes but above all producing forward thinking electronic music.

Having supported artists like Rusko, Anthony Shake Shakir, MNDR, Dopplereffekt and Death Grips, appearing at festivals such as Outlook & Exit and guesting on Rustie’s critically acclaimed debut album ‘Glass Swords’, as well as recently taking part in the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid, not to mention releasing records that have had tastemakers citing her as a hotly tipped producer to watch out for, itʼs no secret that 2011 has been an extremely busy year for Maya.
 The end of 2011 saw two releases drop, one for the acclaimed UTTU label and another with Fortified Audio, accompanied by some very intriguing videos.
2012 is already set to be a big one and you could do worse than to look out for Nightwaveʼs next night heat.