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DJ Kitten

JETLAG / Raptus



2010年12月よりJETLAG FROM OSAKA TO IBIZA PODCASTを、そして翌年2011年2月より大阪の人気クラブONZIEMEにてProgressive House/Tranceパーティ"JETLAG"をスタート。音楽制作にも力を入れ始め、2012年2月にLiz Ards名義で"Rainbow Laser"をリリース。
さらに、2012年2月より、日本のProgressive House/Tranceシーンにおいて、よりワールドスタンダードなパーティを開催するため大阪で最も大きく新しいクラブの一つ、Club OWLを中心に"Raptus"をスタートさせ、さまざまなトップDJsを海外より招き、大成功をおさめている。

Dj Kitten, or Mika Nishio as her name is, is a dj from Osaka, Japan.

During her time studying abroad in England, Mika was captivated by the various cultures she experienced in the E.U. Inevitably, she was drawn towards the club music scene. She pursued her new found love of club music across Japan, over to Ibiza and throughout Europe.

Drawing upon her experiences abroad, Mika began her DJ career in 2009. Flowing seamlessly through genres like House, Tech, Progressive and Trance, Mika's DJ sets showcase her ability to tease out the essence of the newest and hottest tracks and blend them together in a mix that defies genres and pounds thedance floor.
Always the performer, Mika loves to read the crowd and give them what they want exactly when they want it - from melodic harmonies to groovy beats - all with a unique and original flair.

On December of 2010, she started her original Podcast, Jetlag - From Osaka to Ibiza. She followed that with the start of a new progressive house/trance party, also called Jetlag, at Osaka's popular club Onzieme.

The beginning of 2012 saw Mika begin creating her own music, and in February she released "Rainbow Laser" under the pseudonym Liz Ards. She then stared the world-class party Raptus. This event raised the bar for the progressive house/trance scene in Japan by inviting some of the world's top DJs to play for capacity crowds at one of Osaka's top clubs, Club Owl.