Milton Bradley

Do Not Resist the Beat! / K209 / Grounded Theory


Milton Bradleyは常に変化を続けるベルリンという街に生まれ、影響を受けてきた。




2008年、レーベル[Do Not Resist the Beat!]を設立、自身の追求するスタイルを示す場とした。



2010年にはサブレーベル[The End of All Existance]を設立、同名を冠したファーストEPは一度聞いただけで大地の振動を感じるようなストーリー性の高い傑作となった。

またHenning Bearとのユニット、K209ではよりインダストリアルな雰囲気を持った楽曲をリリース、さらに近年では90年代のアシッドサウンドにインスパイアされたレーベルとして、[Alien Rain]をスタートするなど、実験的かつ挑戦的な活動は留まるところを知らない。




2010年に[Perc Trax]よりリリースされたEP "BCG"はそのイメージを決定づける最も重要な要素となり、オールドスクールなデトロイトテクノを彷彿とさせ、ディープでダビーなリズムが絡み合った作品となった。

さらに[Prologue],[Zooloft],[Ann Aimee]や先に紹介したMilton自身によるレーベルからリリースされたトラックにより、彼は最先端のアンダーグラウンドテクノプロデューサーとして広く世に知られていくこととなる。

ベルリンの良質なテクノパーティGrounded Theoryのレジデントとして広く認知されている。






Born and raised in Berlin, Milton Bradley has been influenced by this versatile and ever changing city. The late 80's brought acid house into his world and along with early Belgian techno, kick started his love affair with all things electronic. This soon developed into a record collection and by 1991 he had turned from customer to dj.

Miltons dj sets vary from dark experimental techno to the deepest industrial sounds and the most iridescent textures, fully encompassing the last 20 years of musical history.


2008 saw Milton step into producing and gave birth to the 'Do Not Resist The Beat' label. It displays an honest, open account of Milton’s musical preferences, everything is there for a reason, no surplus or padding. Dark experimental drones with unnerving atmospheric sparseness, industrial sounds fused with the early minimalistic theologies to create one of technos most defined and original styles.


Not resting on his laurels, 2010 brought the experimental and dark sub label 'The End Of All Existence'. One listen requires no explanation for the nom de plum, atmospheric, earth shuddering, cinematic techno at it's finest.

Alongside Henning Baer he then created 'K209', as an outlet to release more raw and indsutrial techno cuts.

More recently in 2012 Milton has started the label ‘Alien Rain’ which is inspired by the mid 90’s acid sound.


A true enigmatic insurgent, his heavy and atmospheric productions aid in the construction of complex promenades and have been hosted on not just his own, but other well respected labels.

Bradley made his first release on Perc Trax in 2010. His mixes of ‘BCG’ EP were prime examples of what has become an enigmatic sound - deep, dubby rhythms coupled with chugging techno, reminiscent of an old school Detroit aesthetic.

Critically acclaimed releases on Prologue, Zooloft, and Ann Aimee, aswell as the tracks on his own labels, have pushed him to the forefront of the techno underground and made him one of the most exciting up and coming producers in the genre. It’s this ability to stand out from the crowd that has seen his talent recognised and rewarded, prompting Grounded Theory to make Milton Bradley their resident dj.


Not a lot is known about Milton Bradleys personal identity, but his work is far from secluded. He has gone from being a consumer to actually writing Berlin’s Techno history as a producer, remixer and international dj.


More info on Milton Bradley can be found here