1998年より自身がプロデュースする「Sound Community DUB」にてDJとしてのキャリアをスタートする。地元横浜にてレゲエマナーなサウンドシステムに激しい嫉妬を抱き、
群雄割拠、横浜サウンドシステム界に異色のレゲエではない、 サウンドシステム"KAMOME SOUND SYSTEM"を初めて登場させる。
2007年にロンドンツアー(@GOZILLA, @cafe1001, @cosmo bar)、2008年にオーストラリアツアー(@Miss Libertine, @303, @loop bar)を敢行。
2012年には3ヶ月間の間、Minimal House,Deep Tech,最前線のルーマニア巡業より帰国。
Local DJを誇りに単身コネも、知り合いも、言葉さえ分らない土地で、現地Agent ( Underground Romanian Sound ) と契約し、
[FAR EAST UNDERGROUND@RadioDEEA]every Thursday、[Vibecast#143 HiDEO@VibeFM]、[FRIDAY FOREVER@HFM2.0 Radio BucharestFM103.4]のRadio Programや
Rococo Sky Club (Bucuresti)、Mansarda(Bucuresti)、Porolissum Music Fest(Zalau)、Funky Breeze Herastrau(Bucuresti)、LEVEL Lounge & Club(Zalau)等のクラブでプレイした。
そしてRadio Program[FAR EAST UNDERGROUND@Radio DEEA]を帰国後も毎週木曜日に継続。

HiDEO was born in Yokohama, Japan in 1976.In 1998, started his career as a House DJ. In 1999,he designed and opened his own DJ bar named "Sound Community DUB". The main reason he opened DUB is to embody his obsession with clear, warm and sophisticated acoustics. And it became his first step to make HiDEO's name widely known as a talented sound engineer among Japanese nightclub scene. In 2005, he initiated his own sound system named "KAMOME SOUND SYSTEM" strictly specialized for club music. “His DJ play has the one and only fat groove and the most addictive melody and brings us always vivid impressions. He is definitely in Next-level.”
Thanks to great reputation and enthusiastic reactions from dance floor, he has been known as the real top DJ in Japanese underground scene drastically. In 2007, he had first London DJ tour with great success and he founded a music company “KAMOME Sound Works Co., Ltd.”, the president of he is. In next year, 2008, he spread his name in Australia through DJ tour. He started to compose original tracks these days. In 2012, Yokohama-city art office authorized him as the
most notable local artist.
From May, August, 2012, he had his promotional tour in Romania for three months. In Romania.
He had gigs every weekend in Bucharest. The best Dance floor Radio in Romania, Vibe FM called him as their guest DJ, and his mix play was on air at the 143 edition of Vibecast. At present, he has his weekly radio program "Far East Underground" at Radio Deea in Romania. His mixes for the program have been recorded at his own studio in Japan every week. He, as the president of KAMOME has good partnership with "Underground Romanian Sound" who is one of the finest DJ agencies in Romania.