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ブライアン・アレン・サイモンのソロプロジェクト。音楽家一家に生まれ、10代の頃から父親のレコードコレクションを漁り、ヒップホップに熱中する。そして彼は、UCLA大学音楽学部に入学し、ジャズを中心にサックスを学ぶ。在学中にはDaddy Kev率いるAlpha Pup Recordsでインターンを経験。卒業後、彼はNon Projectsというレーベルを立ち上げ、Asura, Ana Carravelleのアルバムや, ShigetoからJulia Holter等のリミックスもリリース。演奏経験は、アメリカ、ヨーロッパなど多岐にわたり、エレクトロニックミュージックの伝説、Morton SubotnickやLaurel Haloとも共演。そして2011年のRed Bull Music Academyに参加、LAのインターネットラジオ局、DublabのDJとしても活躍している。

Despite a childhood steeped in music, Brian Allen Simon only began to appreciate his father’s records after he developed an obsession with hip hop in his teens and went to college to study music. After an intense love affair with jazz and the saxophone, an internship at seminal LA label Alpha Pup and a journey through Music History and Theory at UCLA, Brian landed at the foot of his own label, Non Projects, releasing music from artists such as Asura and Ana Caravelle along with remixes that range from Shigeto to Julia Holter. As Anenon, Brian carves out highly textured sounds that are extremely personal, patient and thoughtful ? physical and visual music to live inside of, always revealing new paths with each listen. Brian has performed internationally and has shared the stage with everyone from electronic music legend Morton Subotnick to Laurel Halo and is an alumni of the 2011 Red Bull Music Academy as well as a Dublab Labrat.