Yolanda Be Cool

彼らの2枚目のシングル We No Speak Americano はで500万枚以上の売上、22ヶ国でNo.1となりラジオ、テレビから世界中のダンスクラブを席巻する大ヒットとなった。
トロピカルな味付けのプロダクションと熱心なサンプリングへのリサーチの姿勢 (We No Speak Americanoは1950年代のイタリアの曲を掘り起こしたものである)はフェスや巨大クラブを満席にするパワーは類を見ない。
北米、中南米、アジア、ヨーロッパを巡るツアーを終えた後、初のフルアルバム "LADIES & MENTALMAN"をリリース予定である。

One record sent Yolanda Be Cool straight to the top of the music industry A list. Their second single - 'We No Speak Americano' (co-produced with DCUP) sold over 5 million copies and hit number 1 in 22 countries; infiltrating radio waves, TV shows, and pretty much every dance floor in the world over the summer. You'd need to be a Tarantino assassinated corpse to have not felt its impact in some form.
Also known as Johnson Peterson and Sylvester Martinez, Yolanda Be Cool have demonstrated that with the panache and production skills to back it up it's possible to cultivate an international smash hit without the need for a major label vehicle, instead releasing on homegrown Australian indie 'Sweat It Out'.
With over ten years DJing under their belts their musical influences extend far beyond their Native Sydney, from old school hip hop, to Chicago house to techno to pretty much everything in between. Bondi beach locals at heart, when out of the studio or not playing at the biggest clubs in the world you'll find them at the beach catching waves.
The distinctly tropical flavour to their productions and fiercely educational attitude to sampling (in the case of 'We No Speak Americano' crate digging as far back as 1950's Italia) combined with their big room pull to pack out festival stages and mammoth venues, as a dance act, nods more to creative sampling heavyweights like Switch than any of their more current peers.

Following a busy last year spent touring North, Central & South America, Australia, Asia and Europe, the guys have just put the finishing touches to their debut full length album - entitled LADIES & MENTALMAN - due to drop imminently through Sweat It Out.