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アメリカはアリゾナ出身にして脱サラDJ! そんなグローバル且つ異色なヒストリーを持つ彼女のDJスタイルは、本人の性格を反映するように個性的である。

Progressive House を中心としたエモーショナルな流れは、時としてダークなテックサウンドへ。Dub Step や D&B までをもシームレスに飲み込んだプレイリストは、ジャンルの境界線を飛び越え、洗練されたスペクトルを紡ぎだす。東京主要クラブでレジデントイベントを抱え、またイベントプロデュースもアクティヴにこなすLX-E。そのエネルギッシュなパフォーマンスで、着実にランキングを獲得している。


Her silky smooth DJ mixes, unbeatable track selection, and energetic performance have defined LX-E as an unstoppable force behind the decks, and with her relentless DJ gig schedule Tokyo's fastest rising star shows no sign of slowing her pace as she rapidly ascends up the ranks. An incredibly active and in-demand DJ in Tokyo's club circuit, LX-E can frequently be spotted at many of Tokyo's top venues, spinning at the likes of Japan's biggest mega-club ageHa, or on the main floors of Shibuya's massive clubs WOMB and Club Asia, and at the luxurious and stylish Velours. In 2012, as a member of the all-female DJ organization QUISS, she also took the next step and made her festival debut, spinning at peak time at The Hacienda Oiso Festival in Kanagawa, Japan.


LX-E's DJ style is all about seamless mixes, often blurring the lines between progressive house, trance, and techno, among other genres. Rather than being concerned with staying fixated on any one particular style, she instead focuses on manipulating movement on the dancefloor by building and releasing tension in her mix, juxtaposing the contrasting sound spectrums of techy vs. melodic, dark vs. uplifting, traditional vs. cutting edge.

Everything up until now, however, has been just the beginning: LX-E is poised to truly turn heads from here on out and holds some even bigger, more exciting plans on both the DJ and event production front as well as in the studio. Stay tuned!