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千住 宗臣

BOREDOMS , PARA , ウリチパン郡 , COMBOPIANO , DATE COURSE PENTAGON ROYAL GARDEN, KOMA、 EP-4 などに参加、在籍しMELZBOW , BILLRAZWELL , ARTO LINDSAY , 大友良英 , 小山田圭吾(cornerius) , 高橋幸宏や細野晴臣 (YMO) , ダモ鈴木CAN)、tricotなどと共演
七尾旅人 , 石橋英子 , UA , 原田郁子 , 原田知世 , 湯川潮音 , sighboat , 熊谷和徳 ,後藤まりこ、阿部芙蓉美、相対性理論、土岐麻子、Schroeder-heads、nikiie、口ロロ、キセル、伊藤ゴローtricotな どのレコーディングやライブをサポート。 様々な境界線を飛び越え活動している。 またDJ1010としても活躍中!!!

Muneomi Senju is a drummer. He was a member of the Boredoms from 2005 and was part of their world tour which covered locations across Europe and the US. This tour ended with a live show at Brooklyn Park in New York in 2007, involving 77 drums.
Since leaving the Boredoms, he has performed with various artists such as Merzbow, Bill Laswell, Arto Lindsay, EP-4, Otomo Yoshihide, Keigo Oyamada (of Cornelius), Yukihiro Takahashi (of YMO), Haruomi Hosono (of YMO), Damo Suzuki (of Can), Jim O'Rourke and the Hair Stylistics.
He also works as a solo artist, creating soundtracks, remixes and compositions for theatre (for theatre companies such as Rimini Protokoll), fashion shows (for designers such as Issey Miyake), and television adverts (for companies such as Suntory and Toyota).