16歳の頃にDJというものに出会い、地元札幌において伝統あるHOUSEの文化を学ぶ。上京後間もなくその実力を認められ、都内のクラブを代表する大箱のレギュラーパーティーなど年間200本以上のSETをこなし実績を積み、現在は「西麻布BRAND TOKYO」のレジデントを務める。Tech Houseを中心としたプレイスタイルにおいて、抜群のグルーヴと哀愁漂うメロディアスな選曲に「自然と体が踊り出す」とオーディエンスから高い評価を得ている。今後は制作活動と共に海外での活動も視野に入れており、更なる活躍が期待される。

He met the thing called DJ around the age of 16 , to learn the culture of traditional HOUSE in local Sapporo . Soon recognized its ability after Tokyo , Masonry a track record doing a regular party , such as a year more than 200 SET of bin representing the Tokyo club , currently serves as the resident of " Nishi Azabu BRAND TOKYO " . In the play style with a focus on Tech House, it has gained high praise from the audience as " out dancing is natural and body " to the melodious song selection drifting preeminent groove and melancholy . Future is put in activities the field of view of overseas along with the production activities , further success is expected .