Stylo G

ジャマイカ生まれ、イギリス育ちのダンスホールDeeJay、STYLO G。
「Call mi a yardie」や「BADD」がきっかけで大ブレイクを果たし、2014にMobo Award、UMA AwardsでBest Reggae Actとして受賞などレゲエシーンで大成功しつつもUKの独特なコネクションの中での活動でJUS NOW、Bunji Garlinとの[TUN UP]やZED BIASとの[SHIZAM]といった他方面での客演でもHitを量産。
Major Lazer、Dillon Francisとの共作「Make it Bounce」やClean Banditとの「Come Over」などメジャーシーンにも進出している。

Stylo G has been involved in the UK underground scene since the age of 15 when he moved to the UK from Spanish Town, Jamaica. Son of the legendary dancehall artist Poison Chang, Stylo decided to follow in his father's footsteps, making his mark in the UK when Grime music was at its highest.

In 2004 he released 'My Yout' featuring Ice Kid and Sickman and in 2008 he won the Crystal Blue awards 'song of the year' for 'Jamaicans in Britain'. He has since developed the bridge between UK hip-hop and dancehall producing tracks; 'Leader', 'Blackberry' and 'Swagga Dem', and gaining key radio and live support.

2011 was an explosive year for Stylo G with the release of underground hit 'Call Mi a Yardie'. The single crossed continents receiving kudos and radio play as far afield as Japan and the USA. Stylo performed in BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge with Trevor Nelson and is a regular performer for Rinse FM DJ team / promoters The Heatwave.

Stylo has since collaborated on a number of tracks with artists such as Sneakbo, Cashtastic and Wretch 32 (who provided a remix of 'Winter Swag'). Enlisting Chip and Time-Takers for his latest single 'Dash Out' (releasing 25th of June 2012), Stylo G is currently working on a studio album set for December3rd,2012 release date.