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ロシアの首都モスクワ出身。 16歳でElectronic Dance[Tecktonik]に出会いDANCE MUSICに興味を持つ。 18歳で日本の岡山に拠点を移し 2009年DJ Noizと『NOISE RECORDINGS』crewを立ち上げ、本格的にDJとしての活動を開始。Back 2Back DJ& GOGO Dancerが演出するセクシーでパワフルなPlayStyleは色々なところから注目され、こ れまでに関東、関西、中国、四国、九州で有名アーティストと共演している。拠点の岡山で は 2012年Sound Bar MARSでレギュラー入りをし、常に満員のBIG PARTYを成功させ、今 年2013年には“DJ GoSh”としてオシャレな空間作りにこだわり新しいレギュラーイベント 『LUNARIUM@LUNA』をスタート、地元での人気を不動のものとし、新たなスタイルで注 目される。CarSenseのオフィシャルDJを務め、MIXを手掛ける。2014年から世界的に有名 なエンターテイメントチーム [International Party Rockers]につとめ、国外からもブッキン グが決まり、タイのHOLLYWOOD、PIER(パタヤ)、TunningHall(モスクワ)でプレーをする。2015年には活動拠点を東京に移すなど、たった2ヶ月で東京大人気クラブ「T2 Shibuya」で毎月プレーをし、今後も期待されるアーティストである

Originally from the Russian capital of Moscow, DJ GoSh grew up with an entertainment background. His parents were successful performers in [The Bolshoi Circus] in Russia.
From a young age, DJ GoSh travelled extensively internationally and through his travels he learnt to engage and communicate with people if all nationalities and backgrounds.
When he turned 16, he became interested in electronic music, he learnt different electronic dance moves and techniques which fueled his interest for electronic music. Soon after he met DJ Noiz from Japan, who encouraged him to start DJing in the Japanese club and dance scene. Together they established [Noise Recordings] and were soon organising events and parties in Okayama, Japan.
They soon made a name for themselves and were asked to play for venues in Osaka, Tokyo, Kumamoto, Hiroshima and Kagawa.
In 2012 they created their own monthly residency event in Okayama, their events were very successful and always fully packed in numbers. A year later GoSh started his solo career, through the support and backing of his fan base he was able to secure the position of becoming the official DJ for [Car Sense]. His popularity in Osaka grew and he was able to create an official CD through [Car Sense] for Auto Salon, his CD's sold out in just 2 days at this event.
He is now well known internationally for his djing and receives bookings from Moscow, Thailand, Taiwan and Australia.
In 2015 GoSh moved to Tokyo, and only after a month became a resident DJ for the very popular club [T2 Shibuya]. DJ GoSh has also been successful in collaborating with [Honey Smoke], a popular E-cigarette brand in Japan, who have created a special limited edition e-cigarette in his honour, showcasing his very own logo.
Look out for DJ GoSh, his career and popularity has only just begun and will surely

keep soaring.