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2012年より DJ 活動を開始。WOMB にて開催されている若者から今最も注目を集めている GEKIYABA SET のレジデントを務め、都内各地にてメインアクトをこなし、過去には Borgore、Kronic、Walshy Fire (Major Lazer)、Matthew Koma、Thomas Newson などの海外アーティストとも共演し、今年2016年8月に開催された SUMMER SONIC EXTRA にて VINAI と共に出演するなど様々な舞台で活躍。 

Yellow Claw、Hoodboi などの Bass 系アーティスト来日公演のサポートパーティーでもある Look At My Bass を主催する Goose Crew にも所属。

Electro、Bass Music、house などジャンルの壁を超えてグルーヴィーに繋いでいく play スタイルに定評があり今注目の若手 DJ の1人である。


SHOHO started his DJ career in 2012.

He is the resident DJ of GEKIYABA SET, the event at WOMB that receives the most attention from the young crowd. He is also prolific in a variety of settings, having been a main act all over Tokyo; performed with overseas artists such as Borgore, Kronic, Walshy Fire (Major Lazer), Matthew Koma and Thomas Newson; as well as performing with VINAI at SUMMER SONIC EXTRA in August 2016.

He is also a member of the Goose Crew, who organise Look At My Bass, a support party for bass artists such as Yellow Claw and Hoodboi when they come to play in Japan.


Renowned for a play style that connects electro, bass music, house and more in a groovy way that transcends genres, he is one of the most notable young DJs around today.