I'm Producer and Vinyl Techno DJ. 
Based in Tokyo. 
Japanese female
Genre:Hard Techno 
I play aggressively than a man :)
Born and raised in Tokyo, 
Akiko Iwahara started at a very young age I path with music, 
learning to play the Japanese instrument Koto. 
I'm club life scene for over 30 years,
In early 20s, she was a Bassist in a Rock band, 
getting experience of live performances, touring, 
and recording, but she also played guitar, keyboards, 
and drums, and composed in 6ch MTR.
In early 30s, I started DJ career, 
playing regularly vinyl in Tokyo bars.
After several months of break in 2016, 
I started to play Vinyl and DTM. 
And I also started to release my own music on various labels, 
with my tracks reaching the 30th spot twice on Beatport.
My favorite genre of Techno is Hard Techno, House and 80s nw. 
I describes DJ style aggressive and dark, and normally plays a lot in Tokyo, 
I first oversea's guest DJ 
in London for a Depeche Mode Boat Party In June 2017.
On 3rd of September 2017 
Paul Draper: ex Mansun and Kscope, 
London record labels official recognition with 
the organization of a launch Party at WSL in Shibuya, Tokyo. 
In February 2018 I released 
My first original track ‘Winter Scenes’ in Netherlands 
label Mid-Town Records. 
in May 2018, 
I released her ‘Flicker EP’ on Italian label Luminar Records, 
reaching the 10th spot on the Beatport Hardcore/Hard Techno chart.
Italy label Diligentia Records released EP "Exiter",
Beatport Hardcore/Hard Techno TOP 100 chart #37 ranked in.
On 25 AUG, 2018, My label launched, "SATSUKI RECODRS"
Original mix of techno center is main from Bandchamp released.
The Best of Diligentia Records #4 my EP "Exciter" 
Beatport Hard Techno TOP 100 ranked in #12.
Dec, I released my first LP vinyl from Techno vinyls records.
I released V.A artist The 2 albums "SMR-Underground Records"
my EP "Gaudi" Beatport Hard Techno TOP100, ranked in #3,
September, again My release vinyl from Techno vinyls records.
I released original mix EP "psychomania" from "Subwoofer Records",
Beatport Hard Techno Top100 No.1 top ranked in!
DJ play oversea place,
2017 Depeche Mode Boat Party in London
2018 in Berlin, 
2019 New Year Party in France, London some place.
選択されたディスコグラフィ Akiko Iwahara
overseas release from 2018,
Techno Vinyls Records Original mix Vinyl, 2018,2019.
and other many release, 
I uploaded my Dj Set from some overseas podcast.
AUG 2018, My Label launched "SATSUKI RECORDS"