99年、地元横浜・渋谷エリアを中心にDJ活動をスタート。スキルアップを重ねていく中、2006年渡米。2010年帰国に至るまでの約4年間、DJ活動を本場NYで重ねてきた。この時の出会いと経験の1つ1つが、現在パワフルにNYナイズされた彼の血と骨になっている。 CLUB活動のみならず、第50回日本有線大賞「新人賞」&第59回日本レコード大賞「新人賞」受賞 シンガー “NOBU” のOFFICIAL BACK DJとし全国ツアーにも参加。 2018年 4月 NOBU 「DON’T STOP THE PARTY」REMIX 参加。 2018年 8月 KEN THE 390 「FUNK U UP」楽曲提供。 2019年 3月 札幌 JINXS SAPPORO にてSOUND PRODUCERに就任。 まさに今、最も勢いのある現場DJを代表する一人である。

DJ Chin-Nen is one of Japan’s most experienced, busiest, well respected and highly connected DJ’s. DJ CHIN-NEN Bio: He has held many residencies. In 1999, DJ Chin-Nen began his DJ Career in the Yokohama & Shibuya area, covering various styles and genres with a focus on Hip Hop and Dance music. In early 2006, he decided to move to New York City, even though having no connections to any clubs in New York. After many years of hard work, he has held residencies at popular clubs in New York such as “Avalon” and ”Guest House”, honing his DJ skills as the Club DJ. Chin-Nen has been requested to play for A-List Radio and various crowds in Los Angeles and Hawaii. He also worked with a lot of big name artists such as TIMMY REGISFORD, JA RULE, DJ RIZ (THE CROOKLYN CLAN), CHRIS WILLIS, DJ BIG BEN (HOT 97), DJ KAST ONE (HOT 97), DJ BOBBY TRENDS (HOT 97). After he came back from New York, He is now stationed in Tokyo as a “Sugarbitz Artist”. From 2013 to 2014, he released 1 CD and 2 DVD’s mixed with the hottest music. The visual style of the mix influenced by the Japanese club music Scene. DJ Chin-nen continues to keep the crowds jumping. DJ Chin-Nen Discography ●January 2013 (MIX DVD / SUGARBITZ) 「HAVE A BLAST -Japanese HipHop Edition- mixed by DJ CHIN-NEN」 ●July 2014 (MIX CD / Sony Music Japan International) 「POP DANCE -NON-STOP SUMMER MIX- mixed by DJ CHIN-NEN」 ●December 2014(MIX DVD / Victor Entertainment , plusGROUND) 「HAVE A BLAST -Japanese HipHop Edition 2- mixed by DJ CHIN-NEN」