Joaquin Joe Claussell Presents "Praise"

Despite weather or not you have witnessed the change, on December 21. 20.12 we have entered a new era of human existence on the planet earth. A new beginning and with it another chance at repairing all the mistakes that we have made in the past. A time to sew old wounds and begin a new, to care for our planet by listening to and respecting nature, to love one another, respecting our neighbors, and to finally be free.
We have entered a time where the arms of peace and harmony are held wide open and ready to embrace us all. I for one am very happy that I will get another chance to share music with you and to again receive all of your energies through your dancing.

Please Join us as we celebrate a new birth on planet earth. Together we will joyfully dance and sing to the sounds of gospel dance, indigenous rhythms, and all other genres of dance music.

Let’s Dance

Joaquin Joe Claussell
Sacred Rhythm Music and Cosmic Arts




Joaquin Joe Claussell
(Translation By Megumi Wakatsuki)