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WOMB で長い歴史を誇るトライバルハウスパーティー SESSION。今回のゲストは、多くのビックアーティストのサポートを受け、CARL COX 主宰 INTEC や TRONIC、STEREO PRODUCTIONS、SUARA などのビックレーベルよりリリースを重ねているセビリア出身の RAFA BARRIOS が初来日!
多くの DJ/ プロデューサー陣からも注目を集めている彼は、メキシコ BPM やマイアミ ULTRA といったビックフェスにも出演するなど、活躍の場を広げている。

SESSION, a tribal house party that boasts a long history at WOMB. Our guests this time is RAFA BARRIOS from Seville, who is making his very first visit to Japan! With the support of many big-name artists, BARRIOS has had multiple releases on major labels such as STEREO PRODUCTIONS, SUARA, TRONIC, and CARL COX's INTEC. BARRIOS has caught the attention of many DJ/producer groups and is widening the scope of his activities by taking part in big festivals like BPM, Mexico and ULTRA, Miami. His playing style, which includes a wide range of sounds such as vocal tracks to tech house to techno, and the way that he develops it by weaving together percussive grooves and hard beats, is bound to create the kind of excitement that will dispel the rainy season blues!
With a bunch of genres happening on each floor for you to enjoy, this is a party we are recommending to first-timers also!