世界中のエレクトロミュージックファンを新たなダンスミュージックの渦へと巻き込み、様々なジャンルとのクロスオーバーで更なる興盛を極める BASS MUSIC / EDM にフォーカスした、新パーティー BDEP がスタート!
2010年代のシーンにおいてさらに勢いを増し、ムーブメントとして発展を続ける BASS MUSIC / EDM。この夜は2009年の“SWEET SHOP”リリースで実に6万枚を超えるセールスを記録、シーンの流れを一変させこのムーブメントの潮流を作ったオリジネーターの1人 Doctor P が来日。伝説的な Coachella Festival でのプレイ、 Red Rocks Amphitheater や Hackney Weekender 等への出演で英国産ダブステップを世界中へ浸透させ、近年では Plan B や Ed Sheeran、Example、Fenech-Soler などのアーティストにトラックを提供、Remix ワークでもその才能を遺憾なく発揮し、シーンのトップをを走り続けるアーティストとして君臨する。国内勢も Naoto Takaoka、KAGuLA、TSUYUKI をはじめ、今後のシーンを牽引する若き才能が一同に集結!
新たなパーティーの BDEP の盛大なるスタートにぜひ足を運んでもらいたい。

BDEP is a new party focusing on BASS MUSIC / EDM, the phenomenon sweeping the globe consisting of a variety of genre crossovers and styles, alluring electronic music fans to a brand new style of dance music! BASS MUSIC / EDM has only grown more popular since it burst onto the scene in the 2010s and continues to grow as a global movement. BDEP will feature Doctor P, an originator in the scene who changed everything with his release of "SWEET SHOP" in 2009, which went on to achieve over 60,000 copies sold. He has played at the legendary Coachella Festival, Red Rocks Amphitheater, and Hackney Weekender, further spreading UK dubstep throughout the globe. In recent years he has provided tracks for artists such as Plan B, Ed Sheeran, Example, and Fenech-Soler. He is also renowned for his remix work and continues to run at the top of the scene as a major artist. We will also be featuring Japanese artists such as Naoto Takaoka, KAGuLA, and TSUYUKI -- all artists who are destined to make big waves in the scene for years to come!
Come and join us at the beginning of this new party BDEP and be a part of history in the making!