『イビサで活躍するCIRCOLOCO・MUSIC ONのレジデントアーティストが魅惑の競演』

日本と世界を繋ぐパーティーをコンセプトに、過去にはDARREN EMERSON・NIGHTMARES ON WAX・DJ NANO・DJ MAYURIをゲストに迎え、日本・IBIZA・バリ島でパーティを開催してきた" SUNNY "。今回も魅力的なゲストを迎え開催致します。 

IBIZAにて誰もが認める二つのモンスターパーティー“CIRCOLOCO”と“MUSIC ON”。
そこで活躍し、世界中からリスペクトされるSATOSHI OTSUKIの音への拘りと、VJ TONTONの光の演出。
そして日本発の世界発信型パーティーSUNNYのサウンドといつも暖かいクラウド達。それらが繋がったとき音や光の空間は過去に類を見ない最高のVibesを与えてくれることだろう。 その瞬間を是非一緒に。
『Resident artists of the CIRCOLOCO and MUSIC ON scene in Ibiza will come together for a riveting performance 』
With the concept of uniting Japan and world through partying in mind, we welcomed guest artists DARREN EMERSON, NIGHTMARES ON WAX, DJ NANO and DJ MAYURI to SUNNY parties held throughout Japan, Ibiza and Bali. We plan to welcome a host of delightful guests for you this time as well.
The world-respected artist SATOSHI OTSUKI plays at the two undisputed monster parties in Ibiza, CIRCOLO and MUSIC ON. His passion for sound is combined with VJ TONTON’s lighting performance. And then there’s the awesome crowd, who always welcome the sound of SUNNY, the worldwide quality Japanese party. When this all comes together, there is no doubt the sound and lights will create the ultimate in unparalleled vibes. Make sure to join us!

The state-of-the-art VOID sound system taking the world’s music festivals and clubs by storm is installed on all ARC floors. You can look forward to the SUNNY groove created by ARC’s powerful VOID sound system.

未来のParty Peopleが世界へはばたけく架け橋の空は晴れ渡るように…
This party, born from the island of the East, will bring people’s hearts and minds together, reach across borders and the cultures of people from all over the world will become one under the sun.

Party together with friends from around the world, enveloped in light and sound.
That party is SUNNY.
So that the party people of the future can go ever onward towards a clear, bright sky.

〒1東京都港区南青山3-18-19 フェスタ表参道 B1F
TEL : 03-6438-9240