電気グルーヴ / 石野卓球レジデントパーティー、STERNE。今月のゲストは、今ヨーロッパで大旋風を起こしているイタリア出身でベルリン在住の ALESSANDRO と FEDERICO FOGNINI によるプロジェクト MIND AGAINST が登場!アジアツアーの一環での来日となる。
IDM やハウス、テクノを兼ね備えたルーツをもとに音楽上の連携を描き出す手法で楽曲制作をしている彼らは、イタリアの人気レーベル LIFE AND DEATH レーベルからの3つの EP のシリーズと共に自らの道を切り開き、シーンに名を轟かせた。
昨年に行われた ENTER at SPACE IBIZA でのクロージングパーティーにも LINE UP され話題を呼んだ彼らの、初来日となるこの公演に期待がかかる。お見逃しなく!

Denki Groove/Takkyu Ishino's resident party, STERNE. This month's guest is the Italian-born artists based out of Berlin who are fast becoming a European sensation, ALESSANDRO and FEDERICO FOGNINI's project MIND AGAINST! They will be coming to Japan as part of their Asian tour.
They have roots in IDM, house, techno etc. and create tracks that link up these genres. They are signed to the popular Italian label LIFE AND DEATH, and have released a series of 3 break-out EPs; their name has become well known within the scene.
They were part of the closing party of ENTER at SPACE IBIZA, which was held last year. Their inclusion in the LINE UP for their first Japanese performance has us expecting great things. Don't let this chance slip by!