Stimming - Alpe Lusia Album Release Tour at Vent, Tokyo (JP)

【売切続出!一瞬を切り取る魔術師 Stimming!2016年注目の話題作 !】

DJ Kozeが絶賛する才能! ドイツの良質レーベル" DIYNAMIC MUSIC​ "の鬼才 "Stimming"がNEWアルバム"ALPE LUSIA"のリリースパーティーを開催!!




Stimming - Alpe Lusia Album Release Tour
Friday, October 14th 2016
Vent, Tokyo

▬▬ LINE UP ▬▬
Stimming (live)

- Gonno
- Lamb
- Jay Zimmermann
- Steven Sacks
- Techno Dobutsuen
- Yuki Shintani & Hiroki Baba
- Mnta

DOOR : ¥3,000 / FB DISCOUNT : ¥2,500-

▬▬ INFO ▬▬
On April 29th Hamburg-based musician Stimming released his fourth artist album “Alpe Lusia” on Diynamic Music. It was named after a remote little alpine hut in northern Italy, in which he had secluded himself to work on his LP for a full month, all by himself.

“I wanted to create something of my own, a journey that (apart from the basic House formula) orientates itself as little as possible on contemporary influences”, says Stimming. If you want to rely on his many colleagues’ feedback, it seems he has mastered that – e.g. DJ Koze, who says: “I am amazed. Incredibly warm, stripped down, deep, playful und most of all personal! Almost as if someone sat in front of his gear while cruising on a cutter boat over the ocean all by himself (and on Ritalin).”

And the cutter boat is indeed part of the story: After finishing the production of Alpe Lusia on the lonesome lodge, Stimming went (not without taking a short break amongst people) onto a container vessel by himself for seven days, sailing through the wintery North and Baltic Sea from Bremerhaven over northern Sweden back via Rotterdam to the starting point. Stimming used this time to single-mindedly work on his new live set – in preparation and anticipation of his upcoming album release tour, which will stretch across the whole globe come April 2016.

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