Contact welcomes Fumiya Tanaka's well-established party.

Audience and DJs create a party communicating with each other through music played. The selector discerningly figures out the ongoing situation on the dance floor, choosing a suitable track to the crowd and the soundsystem while considering the flow and direction of the night. The outcome can be strikingly different depending on their judgement even if they have prepared the exact same tunes as the others. Run by Fumiya Tanaka, who has been particularly aware of this feature, CHAOS is more than just a minimal house party. It offers a place for an unrepeatable and improvisational art form to thrive. What you hear at this well-established night now might be different to its early days though Tanaka's exploratory attitude towards the possibilities of DJing has run through its heart. It's no exaggeration to say CHAOS best projects the resident's ethos. The now-Berlin-based DJ is joined by Cabanne, a similarly seasoned French DJ that has honed his skill at numerous nights and that makes his first return to CHAOS in two years. As the party takes place for the first time here at Contact, it will be exciting to see how the two will build a thrilling space that interacts with our audience.