DJ Nobu × Adriana Lopez

【 欧州での完全なるブレイクスルーを果たしたDJ Nobuが、スペイン発のアーティストAdriana Lopezと共にVENT初出演!! 】

2016年、Berghainの周年パーティーを含むヨーロッパツアーで圧倒的な存在感を示し、年末恒例のRA、BEST DJ TOP100にチャートイン果たすなど大躍進を遂げ、世界中からオファーが絶えないFUTURE TERROR, Bitta主宰、DJ Nobu。

かたや、いまはスペインを拠点として運営する自身のレーベルGrey Rportも絶好調、卓越したスキルとレンジの広いテクノを武器に、世界を代表する女性アーティストと評されるAdriana Lopez。


[ After recent breakthrough shows throughout the European scene, the acclaimed DJ Nobu will perform for the first time at VENT, alongside Spanish artist Adriana Lopez! ]

Displaying stunning prowess during his 2016 European tour, which included a set Berghain's anniversary party, DJ Nobu, the impresario of the record label Bitta and FUTURE TERROR has been gaining notoriety as of late - even claiming a spot on Resident Advisor's annual BEST DJ TOP 100 chart.

Performing together with DJ Nobu is Spanish artist Adriana Lopez, operator of the consistently-on-top-form Grey Report label. As one the world's leading female artists, Adriana brings superb skills and a vast range of Techno artillery to the decks.

Two artists who are the embodiment of what is cutting edge in the scene will make their long-awaited first performance - which has driven the rest of the world mad - at Omotesando VENT!