A Tribute to Susumu Yokota 2nd Aniv.

【 その功績は永遠に色褪せない。日本の音楽界に多大な影響を与えてきたススムヨコタの追悼イベント 】



ヨコタのレーベルメイトでもあったケンイシイやDJ WADAなど、生前親交のあったDJ/アーティストが一同に介します。
また、日本のハウスの再評価の流れを作る新進気鋭のレーベルJazzy ConsciousのDJ ALIXなどによるDeep House Setでゲスト参加。初期作の再発を記念して、世代を超えて日欧英のリスナーのいるヨコタ追悼ならではテクノ、ディープハウスの一夜です。

【 This is an event as memorial the 3rd anniversary of Susumu Yokota who has died for heaven on March 27 in 2015 】

Susumu Yokota who debuted in 1992, has released more than 30 albums, was highly evaluated in Euro, and led the history of Japanese techno.
This year marked 3rd anniversary on March 27th this year, Lots of DJ s in Japanese and French techno/ house will memorialize him.

DJs / Artists who had friendships wih Yokota, such as Ken Ishii and DJ WADA which were also label mates , will all go through together.
In addition, Specilal guest participate in DeepHouse Set by DJ ALIX ( Jazzy Conscious Label ) making up the re thinking of Japanese house movement in Europe. In commemoration of the reissue of his earlier works, it is one special night of techno, deep house, if it is memorable for Yokota who has listeners in Japan, Europe, and England beyond generations.

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