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 “日本の美”を世界に発信していくプロジェクト「FANTASIA」が始動。その第1弾とし5月26日に渋谷WOMBでパーティー「FANTASIA –EPISODE.0 INTRODUCTION」が開催される。


"FANTASIA", a project bringing together three elements of art: music, fashion, and media art, with the concept of "Japanese beauty" will be launched into the world. FANTASIA will hold a variety of events with contents that will surpass the imagination. As the first step, at WOMB on Friday, May 26th, "FANTASIA - EPISODE.0 INTRODUCTION" is set to be held.
This event, attempting something completely new, will present a program of up and coming music, fashion, media art, dance, etc, accompanying ancient Japanese stories arranged in contemporary style. A well known scriptwriter and director has supervised the event this time, and it will be without doubt create a series of emotions that has never been before! On top of that, as the headliner this time, the female duo of DJs from Australia, who are also music producers, making numerous hits including Namie Amuro's "Love Story" here in Japan, NERVO will show their DJ PLAY. Other performers will be announced later on the official homepage, so stay tuned!

●前売りチケット 6,500円


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