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Jeremy Underground

Gilles PetersonやMotor City Drum Ensembleもトリコにする、Jeremy Undergroundが待望の再来日!ハウス、レアグルーヴへの並々ならぬ知識とコレクションを武器にプロデューサーではなくDJのみの活動ながら、世界中のミュージックラヴァーから賞賛を集めるトップアクトが遂にVENTに登場!!

共演するのは日本が誇るKing Of House、DJ EMMA!日本のハウス黎明期から東京の夜を華やかに彩ってきたカリスマが、フランスのアンダーグラウンドスターとステージを共にする。日仏のトップアクトの夢の共演は、プレミアムな一夜になること間違い無し!両者の音楽への深い愛情がゴールデンウィークのVENTのフロアで炸裂する!!

The Masters of House from France and Japan, Jeremy Underground and DJ Emma team up for a dream-collaboration!

Loved and lauded by both Gilles Peterson and Motor City Drum Ensemble, Jeremy Underground finally returns to the land of the rising sun! Armed with an unparalleled knowledge and collection of House and rare grooves, Jeremy is a pure, 100% DJ who has gained the love and respect of music lovers the world over - and now he will spread that love in his first appearance at VENT!

Playing alongside is the King of Japan's House scene, the legendary DJ Emma! A house idol who has been bringing brilliant color to Tokyo nights since the dawn of House music in Tokyo, and now he will be preforming on the same stage as France's underground darling, Jeremy Underground. Top acts from both France and Japan join forces to bring you a night of premium sounds. Both artists' deep love and respect of music will culminate in a explosive performance on the dance floors of VENT during Golden Week!

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