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ALZAR Saturdays

5/27(SAT) Yuichirou Miyamoto presents ALZAR Saturdays

大阪を拠点に活動する数多くのDJから選び抜いた5名を土曜日のレジデントとして迎え入れ、国内をはじめとした各地に点在する優れたアーティストを共演者として招聘し開催するALZAR Saturdays。
第四週目はYuichirou Miyamotoが特に感化された、これからを担っていくTechnoHouse DJ、アーティストを招聘し「Underground」、「Deep」、「Emotional」を合言葉に一晩を作り上げる。
第一回目の共演者は、大阪随一のTechno,House Party「SiiNE」のResident DJである「Ryutaro」が出演。
The 4th Saturday of every month features YUICHIRO MIYAMOTO as resident DJ. Yuichiro and his guest artists will create an inspired evening of music , focusing on Techno & House with an "Underground", "Deep", "Emotional" vibe as their story.
The first guest for May 2017 is DJ RYUTARO, who is a member of Osaka's premier Techno/ House Party "SiiNE".

Redident dj:
Yuichirou Miyamoto

▶ADM>>2,500yen with 1drink
▶FBイベント参加割>>2,000yen/with 2drink
Registered to attend today's event on Facebook>>2,000yen/with 2drink
▶早割※24時までに入場の方>>700yen with 1 drink
Early Entry Discount※Entry before 24:00)>>700yen with 1 drink
▶Rooftop Bar OO ご利用割引>>Free Entrance
Rooftop Bar OO Visitor’s Discount>>Free Entrance

Join the event for discount!! Click " Join " and you are on discount list !! ※You MUST show your mobile phone screen of joined event page at the entrance.

Entry before midnight 700yen/with 1drink

□7階Rooftop Bar OOで2,500円(1名様)以上ご利用のお客様は、入場料金無料でご入場頂けます。
※At Rooftop Bar OO Special discount for the visitors at Rooftop Bar OO on the same day.
Please be aware that the amount shown on the receipt must exceed 2,500yen per person to get a discounted entry.You must show the receipt at the door to get this offer.Free entrance.

All patrons must be 20 years and older – no exceptions.
A picture ID must be shown before entering. No Picture ID, No Entry. Period.
We have spent a lot of time and effort to create an atmosphere with class at ALZAR. Please dress appropriately. We reserve the right to deny entry to those who are inappropriately dressed. (ie. tank tops, beach sandals etc.)

about ALZAR:
2014年に大阪で初の屋外型ベニューとして誕生したROOFTOP BAR OO。そして2017年5月5日、その階上を囲む新たなクラブ ALZAR osakaが誕生する。
現在、”音”というカテゴリーがビジネスツールとなる中、真にそのルーツを呼び起こすコミュニティーの 一片となり、新たなカルチャーの発信地となる媒体、ALZAR(アルザル)。

“ALZAR OSAKA”, a groundbreaking new night club will be launched on the 3rd of May 2017.In 2014, the first rooftop style venue “ROOFTOP BAR OO” was started in Dotonbori, Osaka.
A new club venue “ALZAR” is located on the upper level of the rooftop where it overlooks the courtyard of the Rooftop bar OO.
Lately, the “sound” has been the tool for business and “ALZAR” will be a piece of media, a part of the community to set and awaken its true quality and the root to change the Osaka’s club culture scene.
ALZAR features state-of-the-art sound system and lighting throughout the venue which was designed based upon “the quality”. Having its unique sense of perspective, ALZAR establishes itself with a variety of artists around the world.

New Japan Building 8F, 2-3-28,
Doutoubori, Chuo-ku, Osaka city, Osaka, Japan.
〒542-0071 大阪府大阪市中央区道頓堀2-3-28 ニュージャパンビル8階