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6/9(FRI) WOLS feat.IORI ALZAR Friday

6/9(FRI) WOLS feat.IORI
ALZAR friday

OPEN 23:00-

DOOR: 3,000yen/No drink
ADV: 2,000yen/with 1drink
FB discount: 2,500yen/No drink
Entry before midnight ¥1,500/No drink
Visitor's discount @OO: 1,000yen/no drink

>>¥3,000/no drink

◆前売り(Advanced Ticket)
>>¥2,000/with 1drink

◆Facebookイベントページ参加割(Registered to attend today's event on Facebook)
>>¥2,500/no drink

◆早割(Early Entry Discount)
>>24時までにご入店のお客さまは¥1,500/No D
Entry before midnight ¥1,500/no drink

◆ディスカウントカード(Discount Card Holders)
※Please check the expiry date shown on the card.
>>¥2,000/no drink

◆Rooftop Bar OO 利用者割(Rooftop Bar OO visitor's discount)
エントランスにてOOの領収書のご提示を頂くと、男女共入場料¥1,000/no drinkでご入場いただけます。
※Special discount for the visitors at Rooftop Bar OO on the same day. Please be aware that the amount shown on the receipt must exceed ¥2500 per person to get a discounted entry.
You must show the receipt at the door to get this offer.
>>¥1,000/no drink

All patrons must be 20 years and older – no exceptions.
A picture ID must be shown before entering. No Picture ID, No Entry. Period.
We have spent a lot of time and effort to create an atmosphere with class at ALZAR. Please dress appropriately. We reserve the right to deny entry to those who are inappropriately dressed. (ie. tank tops, beach sandals etc.)