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スペインのHouse Musicシーンのトップに君臨、世界をリードし続ける大物DJが東京・大阪の日本二大都市ツアーを催行。


Tour DJとして、東京のシーンにて明らかな異才を放つShogo Ito、大阪から東京にも今年進出した人気テクノParty “SiiNE”の絶対的エースHigh Velocity、「プロデュースとDJプレイ」の実力を兼ね備えたこの2人が両公演にて脇を固める。

東京公演には、GO YAMAZAKI、10月にスペインツアーを行う「TOTEM TRAXX」オーナーDO SHOCK BOOZEも出演。

大阪公演には、テクノ先進国ドイツはベルリンから”DJ Noring.F”、パンクのカオス感やレゲエの精神性さえもエレクトリックダンスミュージックとして表現できる、日本では希少なDJである”Kihira Naoki”が参戦決定。

10.27(金)渋谷 R Lounge、10.28(土)大阪 Absinthe Wormoodにて、 ハロウィンの熱はそのままに、世界トップクラスのD-FORMATIONの紡ぐハイクオリティな音楽を体感して欲しい。

This Halloween, one of the world’s leading DJs “D-Formation” from top of the Spanish House Music scene, proudly announce his Japan Tour. 

After winning the Spanish DMC Champion ship in '88 and '89, his transcendent technics brought him all over the world gaining respect from the world’s 1st class artists. Recently in 2014, D-Formation was selected as “Most important artists of this decade” on Beatport. Having winning many other honorable prizes such as DJ MAG, his fame as the underground king, goes without explaining. 

The tour titled after his label “Beatfreak” is taking place in Tokyo and Osaka. 
As Tour DJs, the outstanding bright light of the Tokyo Scene “Shoto Ito” and the ace of popular techno party originated in Osaka, recently made an advance to the Tokyo scene “High Velocity”, these two talented producer/DJs will strongly support the tour. 

For Tokyo, GO YAMAZAKI from "Deep & Sunshine" . The owner of TOTEM TRAXX, who is conducting a Span tour this Oct, DO SHOCK BOOZE are lined up.

For Osaka, all the way from the Techno capital Berlin, ”DJ Noring.F” . Also being part of the first Techno wave and the first generation of DJs in Japan who plows Japanese club culture ever since “Kihira Naoki” are joining the party.

10.27 (FRY) at R Lounge Shibuya, 10.28 (SAT) at Absinthe Wormood Osaka, please experience the world’s top class - high quality sounds of D-FORMATION along with the magical heat of Halloween.