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Exchange meeting


東西を股に掛け活躍中のLIVING LEGEND=DJ AGEISHIが、東京シーンの最前線で活躍する次世代DJを召喚し、大阪の若きDJと交流を図る一夜。東と西が混じり合い、新たなシーンが生まれる瞬間がここにある。
今回は東京よりPALM BABYSのGemを、大阪からSTEWとIzumi Kimuraのふたりを迎えて開催する。

House,Discoを軸に女性ならではの繊細かつ心地よいサウンドに加え、土臭く男勝りなDJでフロアを盛り上げるvinyl loverなfemale dj。
2015年Atsuko SatoriとのDJ unit"PALM BABYS"を結成。ロサンゼルス、サンフランシスコへの米国西海岸でデビューツアーを果たし帰国後精力的に活動を広げている。

Gem started DJing in 2008 in Osaka where she played for 2 years before moving to Tokyo. Gem is expanding her activities such as making tours successful not only in Japan,also in Asia such as China, Hong Kong and Vietnam.She play almost only vinyl.Gem evokes a particular mood with spirited approach to house and disco.
Gem has been part of the DJ crew, PALM BABYS, since the summer of 2015 who played in several locations on the west coast of the USA playing dublab Radio and various Hollywood pool parties on their debut tour.
Upon their return to Tokyo, PALM BABYS continued to play in various locations around Tokyo as well as hosting regular radio shows on NTS Radio and Red Bull Studio.