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Re:birth in Contact


Re:birth Festivalが贈る年末特別企画! 
今回はTechno, House, Slow Groove, Noise, Experimentalに焦点を当て、初となるContact Tokyoにて開催です!!
ゲストには、Atom & Tobias.としても知られ、過去数回のRe:birthでも素晴らしいLIVEセットを披露してくれたドイツOstgut Tonの重鎮Tobias.!!
加えて日本で不動の人気を誇るMinilogue/SonKiteの片割れMarcus Henriksson。昨年のMarcus & KuniyukiやSystem 7 vs Son KiteでのLIVEセッションが記憶に新しいですが、今回は完成間近のニューアルバムに向けたHybrid DJ LIVE setを披露します!さらに今回はMarcus Henrikssonが愛してやまないJ.A.K.A.M. をフィーチャー!新たなコラボレーションに期待!
FoyerにはART色の強いアーティストが揃い、Experimentalな空間を演出します! 空間演出には水曜日のカンパネラなどで活躍しているOLEOとHikari Asobiなど、普段のClubとは思えない空間をご堪能ください!

「Re:birth Festival’s end of the year special edition」

The foundation of Re:Birth is built upon focusing on catering multiple genres to the audience including techno, house, slowgroove, noise and experimental. The event will be hosted for the first time at Contact Tokyo.
The leading act is, an active member of Atom & Tobias., showcased multiple occasions at Re:Birth’s event, and German label Ostgut Ton’s predominant figure, Tobias.
An excellent addition to the lineup is Minilogue/Sonkite’s counterpart Marcus Henriksson, holding an immobile popularity in Japan.
Last year’s Marcus & Kuniyuki’s as well as System 7 vs Son Kite’s live session are still fresh in one’s memory. For this occasion, he will deliver a Hybrid DJ Live set in celebration for his upcoming album. J.A.K.A.M, a true fan of Marcus and a possible collaborator in the near future, will also be joining the lineup. Jacira, discovered by Shhhhh during his visit to Brazil this year, from “Voodoohop Collective” and “Sonido Tropico”, will also be performing.
The Contact floor is lead by a pack of DJs that have been supporting Re:birth over the course of years.
The Foyer floor is assembled by artists that differentiate their individualism through artful and vivid colors, producing an experimental atmosphere. Art production is curated by OLEO and Hikari Asobi, known for their work in Wednesday Campanella, ready to create an unusual and unexpected club setting.