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WIFE -ワイフ-

GW中、新宿2丁目のレズビアンパーティーでトランス女性がお店側からトランスジェンダー差別を受けました。これに抗議する意味も込め去る5/2 (木) に急遽青山のクラブ蜂でトランスジェンダーをサポートするイベントを開催した所、1週間と言う短い準備期間にも関わらず本当に多くの方にお越し頂き、その後も多くのアクティビストから応援して頂く結果となりました。






Queer and Femme DJ Party!
All DJs are women, but all genders are welcome!

During Golden Week, there was an incident of discrimination against a trans woman at a party in Shinjuku 2-chome. On 5/2, partly as a response to this incident, we held an event in support of trans women. Though the event was organized in only a week, many many people came and we got many later messages of support from activists. Because of all this we decided to make this party into a regular event, WAIFU!

This party is open to all people who are willing to approach others with respect and a free and open spirit, regardless of gender/sexuality/ethnicity/age/abledness. We aim to create a space where all people can feel happy, open and free.

This time, in addition to club spaces for dancing, the 4F of the club will be a nonsmoking salon with a zine display. There will also be herb tea and vegan food, so please stop by after work or school or anything, and make some friends!

Admission 18+! ※ Venue accessible via stairs up to 4F.

This party welcomes everyone who is supportive of transgender people, regardless of their own gender. However, anyone exhibiting any form of misogynist, transphobic, homophobic, racist or other bad behavior will immediately be kicked out of this party.