Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Season 10 Finals in Japan


Presented by UBISOFT

Production: LIVE NATION

Association: CBC Television

Seating type: 2-Day Standard pass(Open seating) ¥3,500(tax included)

2-Day Recruit Pass + Guardian(Open seating) *15 years old with guardian \5,000(tax included)

2-Day Diamond Pass (limited premium seat) \7,500 (tax included)
※Enter through designated gate. Seated close to the stage. Designated line for in-house store. Diamond pass only limited official T-shirts.

* Ticket price includes sales tax.
* There will be no guarantee of validity for tickets bought through unofficial vendor. In case of trouble, the secretariate will have no involvement.
* Ticket will be replaced with wristband. Please note you won't be able to entre the venue with ticket.
* After ticket is exchanged with wristband, it will be the proof of purchase therefore if you remove it loses its validity. Please do not remove the wristband until you leave the venue.
* There will be no re-issue of ticket or wristband under any circumstances. If you lose it on the event day you will either have to leave or buy new ticket so please be careful how you handle with it.
* No entrance allowed for those aged under 15.
* For those aged above 15 you can entre with an adult.
* Under 18 cannot stay in the venue after 22:00.
* There will be a photo ID check at the gate so please bring one of the IDs determined by organiser (no photo copy allowed).
please bring one;
- Driving License
- Passport
- Foreign Resident Registration Card
- Student Card
- Certificate of Residence (with photo)
- My Number Card
- Disability Card

please bring two;
- Insurance Card
- Copy of Certificate of Residence
- Certificate of the Family Register
- Certificate of Individual Records
- Seal registration certificate
- pension book
If you are unable to provide IDs at the gate, we will refuse your entry.