All Night Under The Moon


月をテーマとした深く吸いこまれるような音を中心とするパーティーAll Night Under The Moon。
メインのヘッドライナーには月や宇宙を感じさせる音といえば、このお方 Inner Science。

他には、テクノDJとして活躍しているCRAZY NEOがDeep House Setでロングプレイ。
Afro HouseやDeep Tribalなど幅広いサウンドアプローチで存分にサウンドジャーニーを楽しめることだろう。

A party based on the moon-inspired sound All Night Under The Moon.
Under the artificial moonlight, various artists color the space with their own worldview.
Speaking of the sound that makes the moon and the universe feel on the main headliner, this one Inner Science.
To penetrate transparent and brilliant tones and melodies, sharp electronic sounds, wide-ranging rhythms that antagonize them, and create colorful / unique instrumental / electronic music with a unique worldview.

CRAZY NEO, an active techno DJ, plays long in Deep House Set.
With a wide range of sound approaches, such as Afro House and Deep Tribal, you will be able to fully enjoy your sound journey.