ファッション × グローバル × カルチャーをコンセプトに、ファッションや音楽において感性の高い DJ 陣が月曜 WOMB を華やかに演出。従来交わることのなかったジャンルやコミュニティを一夜にぎゅっと集め、月曜日の WOMB に新たな進化をもたらします。個性豊かな DJ 陣が他では聴けない選曲で普段の WOMB とは一味違った非日常的で異世界にいるような空間を創りだしてくれます。更にはデザイナーによるポップアップやヘアブース、フード、VJ、カメラマンと平日とは思えない豪華さ。オーガナイザーが 「今まであるイベントの概念をぶち壊す」 と掲げ、まさに他のどこでも味わえない全く新しいイベントです。

A DJ lineup with great fashion sense and music taste are putting on a stunning event with a fashion x global x culture concept at WOMB on Monday. Bringing together genres and communities that have never been mixed before for one night, they will bring a new evolution to WOMB on Monday. These highly individual DJs will create a strange, otherworldly space that's unlike the everyday WOMB with a playlist you can't hear from anyone else. There will also be luxury you'd never expect on a weekday, such as a designer pop-up, hair styling, food, VJing and photographers. Organizers are saying this all-new event will "crush all event concepts which came before it," and you won't find this experience anywhere else.