前回 AUDIOJACK を招聘し、圧倒的な盛り上がりを見せた KRASH。
3回目の開催となる今回のスペシャルゲストには、最新 Tech House シーンの最重要 DJ / プロデューサー Latmun が初来日!!
Relief、Hot Creations 等の人気レーベルからリリースを重ね、代表曲 “Cosmic” や “Everybody’s Dancin’” をはじめとした数々の楽曲は常に Beatport のトップチャートにランクイン。
Solardo、MK、Carl Cox 等のビッグアーティストからもサポートを受け、近年 EDC Las Vegas、Elrow BPM Portugal 等の世界的フェスへも出演する彼のプレイは必見!!

KRASH, which brought AUDIOJACK and created overwhelming excitement last time. The most important DJ/producer in the Tech House scene, Latmun, will visit Japan for his first time as a special guest at this event which will be put on for the third time!!
He has multiple releases from popular labels such as Relief, Hot Creations and so on, and his signature hits like "Cosmic" and “Everybody’s Dancin’” always rank in Beatport's top charts.
He has also received support from big artists such as Solardo, MK, Carl Cox, etc., and is well-known having played at global music festivals such as EDC Las Vegas, Elrow BPM Portugal, etc. He is a must-see!!