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2017年5月、OWSLA のハウスコンピレーションとして Chris Lake が手がけた “HOWSLA” に楽曲提供した頃から始まった彼の多忙なスケジュール。同年、Tchami の Confession から “Jungle EP” をリリースした。
2018年には、Spinnin’ Records からリリースされた Valentino Khan の “Lick It” をリミックス、そして、Dombresky とのコラボレーション楽曲 “Rave Alarm” を自身が立ち上げたレーベル Techne からリリースする。
2019年に入り、彼の代表楽曲と言える “Dance” が Chris Lake 主宰の Black Book からリリースされ、さらに Sonny Fodera の SOLOTOKO、ミュージックフェス EDC を主催する Insomniac 等のビッグレーベルから楽曲を立て続けにリリースしたライジングスター。最新楽曲 “Baby Baby(国内配信:SUSHI RECORDS)” がヒットとなる中、待望の初ジャパンツアーの開催が決定!

Going at a blistering pace is the perfect phrase to represent the work he has done in 2019.

In May 2017, his very busy schedule began when he was offered to do music for "HOWSLA" handled by Chris Lake as a house compilation on OWSLA. That same year, he released "Jungle EP" on Tchami's Confession label.
In 2018, he remixed Valentino Khan's "Lick It" released by Spinnin' Records, and then he released the song "Rave Alarm" as a collaboration with Dombresky on his own label Techne he started up.
Going into 2019, his representative song "Dance" was released by Black Book that's presided over by Chris Lake, and he has become a rising star who has continued to release music on major labels, such as Sonny Fodera's SOLOTOKO, and Insomniac that organizes the music festival EDC. His latest song "Baby Baby" (distributed in Japan by SUSHI RECORDS) has become a hit, and his long awaited first ever Japanese tour is now set in stone!