The Reason Y

今回はベルリンより新進気鋭アーティスト The Reason Y を招聘する。PAN-POT 主宰のレーベル Second State や VICTOR CALDERON のレーベル MATTER よりリリースをするなど注目を集め、sessionwomb より EP をリリース予定のアーティストである。
SESSION DEEP で活躍する YOPI を筆頭に都内各所で活躍する若手女性 TECHNO DJ が新たなステージへとステップアップする。

This time, we invited a brand new artist, The Reason Y. He has gained attention by releasing his music through the label company Second State held by PAN-POT and label company MATTER of VICTOR CALDREON, and he is scheduled to release his EP through sessionwomb.
Young female Techno DJs who are active in many parts of the city such as YOPI who is active at WOMB’s 4th floor lounge SESSION DEEP are stepping up to a new stage and playing at WOMB’s main floor.

We will be declaring the reconstruction of the underground music.