Block Party "Music Of Many Colours"

2020年最初のBlock Partyは、Music Of Many Coloursのメンバーと一緒に、祝日前なので朝まで繋ぎます。メンバーがそれぞれ持っているカラーと、Block Partyのベーシックカラーを一緒にオープンマインドに楽しめたら。ダンスフロアにてお待ちしております! Kei (Dazzle Drums)

The first Block Party in 2020 will be held with the members of Music Of Many Colours until the morning because it is before the holidays. Please enjoy the sound colours of each member and the basic colours of Block Party together in an open mind. We are waiting for you on the dance floor! Kei (Dazzle Drums)

仮 Timetable

20:00-21:15 Mazlika

21:15-22:30 Dazzle Drums

22:30-23:45 T.P

23:45-01:00 Kengo

01:00-02:15 HEAVEN

02:15-03:30 SHOWHEY

03:30-05:00 Dazzle Drums